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Bridging Robotics & Artificial INtelligence

Disinfection Robot

An intelligent robot that understands social contexts, detects high-touch and contagious surfaces, plan routes, and optimize modes and motions for automated and smart disinfection in mass-gathering built environments.


Disaster Reconnaissance Robot

An intelligent robot that acquires situational awareness regarding disaster sites including the obstructed spaces in collapsed structures, and cognitively collaborates with first responders for actionable information sharing and disaster reconnaissance.


Construction Robots

Intelligent robots that learn from human teleoperation to achieve full automation in complex construction tasks. 


Human Robot Collaboration

Collaborative robots that work in harmony with humans to accomplish complex tasks.


Large Language Model Augmented Robotic Assembly

Translate human instructions into executable robot action sequences and motions in real time to interlock blocks and assembly components for additive construction. 


Turbulence Resilient UAV for Smart Transportation (TRUST)

Intelligent UAV systems that learn to adapt to wind gusts and turbulences and plan their paths accordingly to reduce energy consumptions while ensuring safety and compliance to advance the future urban air mobility.


Recycling Empowered Manufacturing of AI Design (REMADE)

We aim to convert the enormous wastes into high-performance, low-carbon, and multifunctional construction materials through an economic method, and develop a transformative robotic building manufacturing paradigm to construct mass-customized and eco-friendly housing designed by generative AI to accommodate varying needs and improve the well-being of residents in underserved communities.

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